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Kickstart Diaries - Month Three: Chloe

Chloe joined the Apptaura team on the Kickstart Scheme three months ago, and over the last quarter she has been collecting her thoughts and experiences in her own Kickstart Diary. Thrown into the gloriously glamorous, exciting, wonderful, interesting and mythical world of marketing, Chloe has spent her time with the Apptaura commercial team, acting as a Marketing Assistant and learning the ropes. Crunching data. Writing copy. Social media. SEO. SEA. SMS. SMA. ASO. SOS.  This is her Kickstart scheme Diary month three entry. Strap in and have a read.

Kickstart Scheme Month Three… halfway through!

Think of 5 words to describe your experience on your journey with Apptaura

Enthusiastic, educated, organised, relaxed and talkative. I’ve always been very enthusiastic about learning and developing new skills and improving my existing ones and I feel like I’ve taken some big strides this month.

What have you been working on this month?

I have been working on my time management skills. I have created a huge list full of tasks and then I put them in my diary so that I can keep track of them and work through them. This makes me feel more organised and on top of things and helps me better prioritise my tasks.

Tell us something new you have learned this month

I have learnt how to collect, read and analyse data from the App Store analytics suite and the Google Play console. It’s fascinating to be able to delve into the background of an app and watch how downloads grow and fall away during the lifecycle of an app. Now I’m collating all that information and putting it into graphs, reports and executive summaries for our clients.

Share something that you have found difficult or tricky over the last month

I’ve sometimes found it difficult to retain information about how to do something for a certain task, particularly with some of the reporting when I only need to do it once a month. I’ve been making more notes and creating process documents to help me track how to do something.

What goals have you met so far?

Staying organised and having a better structure to manage my time more effectively has been a massive goal ticked off the list for me this month. [Chloe is way too modest to mention it, but under her watch we’ve just smashed all our historic engagement stats on social media – showing us how to do it!! – MR]

Have any of your goals changed?

No, not really – though I’m starting on a new campaign over the next couple of days, with new research and data responsibilities. Obviously I want to carry on staying ahead of tasks and keeping organised too.

What has surprised you about your role?

I was surprised by how much analytical work I had to do for our clients and how much data there was to collect and analyse from the Google Play Store and the App Store. I’m really starting to understand what it is to be a data-driven marketer. I’d never have got this kind of experience without the kickstart scheme.

Have you had an argument with the printer yet?

No, luckily! Though it is rather disturbing when the printer is on and printing something – the whole set of shelves shake!

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

The last time I did karaoke was when I was 12 years old and I did Dancing Queen by ABBA.


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