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Why build an iOS app?

iOS is the operating system built by Apple for exclusive use on their products. That ranges from the iPhone in your pocket to the iPad that is keeping your kids quiet in the corner. Apple is where the money is at. 65% of mobile app revenue comes from iOS apps.

So, if you want to start driving revenue fast, iOS is the place to start!

Why Apptaura is the only choice

The team here at Apptaura have been building iOS apps for years, and we're pretty damn good at it.

What sets us apart is our approach, which ensures that you get the right kind of product for you. We don't just blindly follow your proposal. We work collaboratively with you as development partners. It's like waking up one morning and discovering you've got a whole new super-skilled team working for you.

What an iOS app can and can't do...

iOS users are only allowed to get their apps direct from Apple, so all mobile apps developed for an iPhone or iPad must be pre-approved by Apple before they are released.

This limits what apps can do - and getting your app approved and released in the app store can be a minefield. Apptaura develop natively for iOS and our involvement doesn't end until your product is up and running as you intended.