But Why?

Do you even need to look any further?

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Our Ethos

Changing our world with great code.

That's our ambition, that's our drive and that's what gets us out of bed in the morning. We believe that apps and technology can be a force for good, from helping to save our environment to transforming society and the way we live our lives.

We take incredible ideas - your ideas - and turn them into reality. We treat you all like a friend, supporting you with our perfect blend of tech and commercial expertise.

And we do it all by building amazing apps.

The Apptaura Approach

See how we work with the project workflow below


Consultation & Collaboration

Before we code, we learn. We unpick what you want. Commercially,
technically and personally. Then we scope, quote and plan.

  • Project objectives
  • Commerical analysis
  • Technical planning
  • What will my app look like?


    Design and UX

    How will your customers use the app. What does it look like? Branding,
    colours, buttons, scrolls. Our design team took the lead.

  • Wireframes
  • Layouts
  • User journey mapping
  • We love it, let's build!

    It's not quite right yet...


    Build & Develop

    We love this bit. Now it's our turn to start turning your idea into
    an app. Or a couple of apps. Apple, Android and web.

  • R&D
  • Development sprints
  • Coding black magic
  • It's alive! Let's go!

    That's not working


    Review and Adapt

    Time to run you through your app. Hunt down and squash
    some bugs. Add some final tweaks and polish.

  • UA testing
  • Prototype access
  • Bug hunting
  • This rocks!

    That's not right, right?


    Launch and Onboarding

    Now to get your apps out into the wild - we'll get it through the
    approval processes and listed on the stores.

  • App store approval
  • Go live
  • Download reports
  • Boom! Your app is out there


    Maintenance & Support

    Our service doesn't end with launch - we keep your app
    running and updated for as long as needed.

  • Monthly service reports
  • OS updates
  • Security maintenance
  • That sounds like a perfect experience