Android App development

Why should I build an Android App?

Two-thirds of the mobile market runs on Android, making it the richest pool of customers in the mobile app development space.

The sheer range of devices available, from entry level to top end, make Android almost universally adopted. It is used by all kinds of people from CEOs to your gran.

So, get in front of more customers with an Android app from Apptaura.

Why Apptaura is the only choice

Our Android team have been developing native Android apps for years. We're bloody good at it.

We build our Android apps from the ground up. Coding natively, working in an agile manner and designing products that work across the wide range of Android devices in the market.

One size doesn't fit all, so we work together with you, thinking on our feet and reactively responding to your unique challenges.

The benefits (and pitfalls) of Android.

Android is the most widely used operating system. But, the huge variety of Android devices can create additional development challenges. Screen sizes, OS versions and an array of manufacturers and phone capabilities needs to be considered.

Here at Apptaura we'll help you make the choices that will benefit you, not the ones that make our lives easier. And we'll keep your finished app updated and running like a dream for as long as you need.