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Building a Cold Therapy Tracker to help improve performance, recovery and pain management

Creating an easy-to-use data-led app for iOS and Android to reinforce the cold water therapy habit and track the effects on exercise recovery and the management of chronic pain. Leveraging the strong brand feel of Cryoshower we put customers privacy first with an app that robustly protects the personal data of users and delivers a first class experience.

"We're big fans of the way Apptaura works. Their technical know-how coupled with a real desire to understand our business and customers means the development process has flown past and a fantastic app has started to take shape. Our customers are going to love this!"

Dean Skivington

Cryoshower Founder

About Cryoshower

The Cryoshower team is on a mission to improve health, recovery and performance by enhancing people’s lives through science and innovation. 

They develop game-changing products that will aid in health recovery and through marginal gains allow people to push past their boundaries to achieve their best performance. 

Cryoshower’s innovations are designed to allow you to train harder and recover faster, harnessing every physiological and psychological benefit. 


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