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Why we've given up tech jargon (and not just for Lent)... |

Apptaura – the app development agency

tech swear jar

Why we’ve given up tech jargon (and not just for Lent)…

We’ve given up tech jargon. And not just for Lent. You know the tech jargon we’re talking about. It’s a bit like that awful workplace blue sky, out of the box, pain point pivot, bandwidth, circling back, workflow language that has invaded our workplaces.

Tech jargon is somehow even worse. Because it’s not just meaningless… it’s also dealing with processes and concepts that are going to be completely foreign to you if you don’t work in the tech industry. Sprints, waterfalls, agile API OS refactoring Snow cone SDKs.

We don’t like it. We’re straight talkers. Jargon hides too much b*llocks. So we’ve given up tech jargon. That’s right.  Dumping it. Quitting. Kicking the habit. Tech jargon… get in the sea. We do app development. Our clients pay us to be experts. So why should we expect our clients to be able to talk the same technical language as us?

So we’re cutting it out of our vocabulary. Or at least trying to. Our CEO Thom has even instituted a swear jar concept to discourage the odd tech-jargon bomb.

You can read more about why we’ve given up tech jargon in the recent article Thom wrote for Medium.