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The TomThom Naming Challenge | Apptaura - the app development agency

Apptaura – the app development agency

The TomThom Naming Challenge

Apptaura was founded by our CTO Tom. And our CEO is called Thom. They are in fact both called Thomas. At least the different spellings of their shortened name means they don’t get too many misdirected emails. But it’s confusing. The wrong T(h)om always shows up when you call.

We’ve joked about it for ages. We can’t go on like this. So in the midst of a nail biting team Zoom quiz fuelled by chocolate and caffeine a CRAZY wager was made. Thom claimed to never use his Satnav and to be able to find his way to virtually anywhere using only his unnerving sense of direction. Tom shot back that with an old-school road map he’d not only get to virtually anywhere, but he could do it faster than Thom.

In front of our eyes (or at least the webcams on our laptops) a bet was laid. Both T(h)oms would depart from the centre of Basingstoke and attempt to find their way to Nether Wallop. To make it more challenging they’d need to pass through Farleigh Wallop and Up Somborne on the way. Yes they are all real places. Hampshire rocks some pretty impressive place names.

The winner would gain eternal respect, whatever is left of the Easter chocolate in the office… and would be permitted to retain their name. The loser would have to change their name.

To Garmin.

The TomThom Challenge was born. Would Thom become Garmin Gibbons? Or would Garmin Colvin be the new Tom?

The challenge took place yesterday. And it is my honour to introduce you to:

Garmin Gibbons