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The Best Apps for Easter | Apptaura - the app development agency

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The Best apps for Easter

The Best Apps for Easter

The team here at Apptaura HQ are looking forward to a long weekend. And a fair amount of chocolate. Even when we’ve got a few days off we’re probably still thinking about apps. So, if you don’t want to just sit on your couch and scoff creme eggs all day we’ve collected a list of the best apps for Easter. In particular, this selection of the best apps for Easter focuses on apps that are particularly suited to this strange Easter weekend. As some of the heaviest of the lockdown measures start to ease off we can get out and about a bit more… but things are still not quite back to normal. So these great Easter apps keep that in mind. They are suited to time spent outside and with a few friends. 


Dark Sky

Great for: Dodging the showers

We’re set for some great weather over the next couple of weeks. Or at least that is what our weather report is suggesting. After months of coping with our own company and staying safe, this long weekend marks the first time we can get together with some friends in outdoor spaces. So we’ll want to maximise our chances of not getting caught in a shower. Dark Sky is a great weather app that can send you automatic notifications when it is about to rain. It also has one of the best forecast tools out there.

However – having recently been bought by Apple Dark Sky is no longer available to Android users. Booooo! You all know how we feel about apps being available on both Android and iOS devices. You can still head to their website… 

For Android users we’d recommend the Met Office app, or of course the trusty BBC Weather app. And bring back Dark Sky for Android!

Weber iGrill

Great for: Perfect BBQ food every time

This is an app so great that we wish we’d built it. 

Disclaimer… you will need a bit of hardware to use this app as it syncs with a Weber thermometer allowing you to track the temperatures of your BBQ from your phone. 

You can buy a top-of-the-range Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth thermometer from Amazon. They are not cheap, but they work with all grills and you’ll be able to show off your awesome tech to your friends. Tracking the temp of your grill from your phone means you’ll not need to worry about missing out on months of gossip while you work the BBQ.

Delicious Magazine

Great for: BBQ food and easter cakes

So you’ve got a humble garden party planned. What food are you going to serve? For our money the Delicious Magazine app offers the best range of recipes out there. Their seasonal recipe selection is particularly excellent and they’ve become a go-to for Christmas meal planning. 

Their Easter selections are similarly spectacular – with their Easter Cake suggestions topping the list. If you’re after something a bit different for your BBQ they frequently update their selection of BBQ food – with their grilled aromatic shoulder of lamb being the absolute star of the show. 

The National Trust App

Great for: Easter Egg Hunts and staying local expeditions

It’s been a tough year for the kids so far. So why not let them blow off steam with an Easter Egg hunt in a local National Trust site? A range of locations are doing egg hunts or nature trails with an Easter theme – perfect for getting a dose of fresh air and a spot of exercise. There are still some limits of visitor numbers, so book early to avoid disappointment. 

If there isn’t a local trust site handy for you it’s also worth checking out if any local country hotels are running easter trails – a few of the Handpicked chain are offering them as are a few others. 

Pop out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Great for: Interactive reading and fun

There are Easter Bunny games galore on both app stores. Of varying quality. Yet one recommendation from an Apptaura toddler (we start ‘em young) was for this interactive ebook version of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit. 

Beautifully recreating the tactile experience of a pop up book in a handily portable digital form and blessed with the glorious original artwork this is a wonderful bunny-inspired story to share with one your little ones this Easter. 


Great for: Easter inspired cards

Staying local means that some of us still won’t be able to get together with our friends and family. Which sucks. We’ve been glued to the Moonpig app this week, crafting the funniest, silliest and most outrageous Easter cards to send on to our loved ones. There’s still time to get them in the post before Easter (but only just!)

Hotel Chocolat

We’re sometimes a bit snobby about ecommerce apps. Mainly because they are so often poorly put together afterthoughts that don’t really rival their website in terms of usability or functionality. 

There are parts of the Hotel Chocolat app that we don’t love (their filter settings are particularly weirdly built – with some technical database terms being used that will surely confuse customers) – but look at all that gorgeous chocolate!

If you can’t get to a local independent chocolate maker (we recommend the fabulous Chococo) then boot up the Hotel Chocolat app and dive in and treat yourself. 


Great for: Meeting family, livestreaming Easter services

You’ve probably already had enough of Zoom calls with your colleagues, friends, family, neighbours, teachers, schools, nurseries and neighbourhood watch. We feel you. 

However, if you are of a religious persuasion  you might be hankering for a traditional Easter Service. The CoE website helps you find your local livestream, most of which go out via Zoom. If you are more RC then hop on the Papal Youtube channel for his Easter Mass. Don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell. Or something like that. 

Right. Now to make a creme egg and hot cross bun sandwich. 

Have a great break!