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Best gaming apps to keep you busy during quarantine | Apptaura - the app development agency

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Best gaming apps to keep you busy during quarantine

We know this is a stressful, worrying time for us all. Many are now working from home, others furloughed and unsure when things will return to normal. It’s not easy to start DIY projects, with all but essential shopping prohibited, and if you’re home schooling the kids then you’ll need to find a way to destress that doesn’t entail leaving the house. At times like these, curtailing screen time is impossible; this is about resilience and mental strength. So if you need to spend some time losing yourself in a gaming app – be that a puzzle or an epic alternative reality – then now’s not the time to hold back. However, an online search throws up a huge variety of apps for you to choose from, and it can be difficult and time consuming trawling through the user reviews and deciding which ones to try. So we’ve done the hard work for you and have selected our top smartphone apps available today, focussing on iOS devices. So if you’re looking for the best gaming apps for your iPhone, read on for our definitive list!
Best for….

Civilization VI

Based on real historical leaders, this engrossing game is all about empire building. Grow your civilization from a small tribe to a world dominating force, creating cities and expanding your borders through military conquests, cultural choices and technological advances. The game can be played single player or multi player, pitting you against real life and AI opponents for the ultimate test of strategizing and guile!
This app is free to purchase, but in-app purchases are available to enhance your enjoyment. Want to explore a golden age or risk falling a dark age? Or battle with natural disasters? Then in-app purchases might just interest you…

Asphalt 9: Legends

Immerse yourself in this most epic of car racing games. With over 60 cars to choose from and 80 gravity-defying real world tracks, this game will take you back to the arcades of old, but with stunning and hyper-realistic race moves. Play solo or face up to seven players in real time, multiplayer mode and unleash your inner Lewis Hamilton!
This award-winning app is free to purchase, and you can expand your play options by winning races or making in-app purchases.

Red’s Kingdom

This heart-warming, perfectly crafted game is a puzzle game with depth. Combining puzzle solving with action and adventure, you’ll battle the dastardly Mad King Mac, journeying through a land packed with puzzles to solve, secrets to be found and a cognitive kingdom to explore. This awesome game is a firm favourite among gamers and has won a slew of awards, including ‘Best iPad Game’ by iMore.
You will have to pay to download this app, but it’s packed with content so is well worth it for the charming adventure you’ll go on.

Word Game

This brain challenging word game combines crosswords with word search puzzles. Hunt down the answers and escape your four walls by travelling around the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes. But be warned, it’s addictive!
Wordscapes is free to download, with in-app purchases available. You can also pay a one-time fee to be ad free, allowing you to focus on solving the 6,000+ puzzles available on this brain-boosting app. With over 10 million players, this brain challenging game just gets more popular by the day!

Endless Runner
Temple Run 2

This is, quite simply, the most popular endless runner game you can download today. Featuring stunning graphics and outstanding gameplay, you’ll join Professor Jones, escaping the evil clutches of the Temple Guardian with your plundered treasure – the ‘cursed idol’. Run, jump and slide to your heart’s content, traversing perilous zip wires, cliffs and mines along the way. Featuring a number of characters – including a few favourites from the original incarnation – you’ll navigate stunning organic environments, as you evade the evil monkey!

This fantastic app is free to download, but you can unlock additional features such as coin packs, and the character Usain Bolt, via in-app purchases.

Stick Cricket 2
The evolution of this game from a PC phenomenon renowned for destroying productivity in offices around the country to addictive app of choice in the Apptaura offices has been a longish one. But the funky stick man animations are long gone and what remains is a highly polished game, easy enough to pick up and enjoy, but hard enough to master to ensure a degree of longevity. Multiple modes, relatively accurate team rosters and the opportunity to rack up insane scores (my record is 823 runs) makes this an absolute gem. 

Later iterations of the game have gone down the microtransaction or multi-player routes, but nothing quite beats this free version. 

We hope this list will help you while away the time while we all wait for life to return to normal. Whatever your fixation, there’s something on this list for everyone!