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Apple cuts its App Store Tax and launches Small Business Program

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Good news, Apple has cut its App Store Tax!

As you’ll have probably already read in the news, Apple has recently announced that they are reducing their cut of development income for small businesses. This applies to those earning less that $1m per year.

If you have an iOS app and would like to be included, you need to sign up for their Small Business Program here:

Given Apple’s history of being a bit tricky when it comes to submissions and processes, it’s worth signing up as soon as possible. This is a brand new programme and so the process and potential pitfalls are as yet unknown.

This particular story has been rumbling away over the last few months, shot into the limelight when Fortnite developer Epic Games added a payment option to their own store in an effort to work around the Apple fees. This cut from 30% down to 15% for small developers comes after a year when online app usage rocketed. Now that Apple has cut its App Store Tax for small businesses, we’ll keep our eyes open for what seems an inevitable capitulation from Google who will surely follow suit and offer a similar deal for small Android app businesses.