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5 Things Learned From Business Awards | Apptaura - the app development agency

Apptaura – the app development agency

5 things we learned from entering business awards

5 Things Learned From Business Awards

The last 7 months have been a whirlwind of award submissions, creative writing, social media shares, interviews, shortlisting and finalist dinners, finally slowing down now in preparation for Christmas (YAAAAY!!!).

So, now’s the perfect time to take stock of what we’ve learned from our first awards season.

Awards are fun…

The interviews, the finals, the people you meet; sharing, learning, collaborating. All fun, all worthwhile – have a go and see. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously…
So many of the professional who came to interview us told us how our submissions stood out, for our passion and humour. As we stated in one submission, “Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it” (Ronan Keating, 2000)
Music is essential
Unpicking the essence of who we are, what we do and what we wanted to demonstrate has been an emotional process, but music helped every step of the way. From initial discussions with our CEO, singing Duran Duran (A View to A Kill) at the top of his voice, to the more muted, chilled tones of Passenger aiding the 3am creativity spurt for our final submission drafts: Music holds the key (pun intended!)

Everyone enjoys a good story…
It’s not all about number, though by all means use them to back-up your working vision. 
The best feedback we received was that our creative elements really stood out as bright spots against some of the more typical submissions. Sponsors have really enjoyed readying about our badger, our mage and our story-weaver- if you’re passing sometime, come round and see if you can work out who is who. 

Be yourself…
We are all better than we realise, and being yourself is the most important thing – you won’t earn respect by pretending to be something you’re not, so take a deep breath, let go of your fears and give it a go. You might even win! We did…